The products and services offered by The Two Number are unusual. 2 Number unique identity and differentiation provide great satisfaction to users of products and services.

Folderphone is a product that has been designed after seeing markets in South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Touch is supported by using Feature Phone UI, and it is light, thin, and generous user evaluation on exterior design. In addition, it is the only inexpensive product sold in Korea that has a proper function of the Korean input processor.

Smartphone is a product that is focussed on currency quality and price. Although it costs about 100,000 won (approx. This product is suitable for teenagers who often lose phones or older adults who use phones mainly for voice calls. 

The laptops, tablet PCs and all-in-one PCs offered by Other 2 Numbers will offer excellent performance at 10-15 % less than the market price. Of course, the design of the product is very sophisticated like other 2 number products.