Technology for Two Number

 The hardware released by The Two Number is based on a name-brand design and is considered to be lacking in creativity. However, the two number companies are not negligent in R&D. You can see that every item released by the Two Number is either radically cheap or differentiated by software technology. Two Number products and services are designed for a small number of users, not everyone.




  • 6 patents held by the Patent Office
  • Corporate research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
  • Venture Business Statement (Technical Credit Guarantee Fund)
  • 1 case of design registration (Patent Office)
  • 1 case of SW copyright registration (Patent Office)
  • KC certification 3 cases (Korea Institute for Mechanical and Electronic Testing)
  • 1 CB Certification (IEC)

Thinking is New Demensions!


Two Numbers developed and exported global 2 number service solutions to Japan and Thailand. Two Number has an APP (Android and iOS) development technology for global Two number services and a billing system operation technology. It is also the only company in the world to have developed the Feature Phone UI (User Interface) with Android OS, and other specialized mobile communication enhancements.

  • Applications include soft switches, communication servers, gateways, access number management APP communication servers, and response scenarios according to various error codes.

  • Technology that enables optional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) use, from basic devices

  • Web base billing system designed to enable connectivity between head office, distributor, retailer, and overseas partners

VOS 3000 soft locations, CISCO Gateway, Dinstar CDMA, ubiquity and GSM Gateway operation technologies

  • Development of Folder Phone and Smartphone Based on Android OS
  • Development of Wearable Devices for Children and Adults

  • Development of all-in-one PCs, laptops and tablet PCs with distinct design, performance, and price


Best Business Partner

I’m thinking of a new business. Then, talk to the two number.

Competitive business model

We’ll help you with the differentiation through price, design and soft ware.

A range of attractive products

Is it light? Is it cheap? Do you have good performance? Is the design good? One of them is responsible for two numbers.