Classical Feature Phone

“TouchFolder 2” gives a feeling of a classical feature phone based on Android v4.4 OS. “TouchFolder 2” was designed focusing on convenient UI&UX and accessibility of information which is a strong point of a feature phone. 

3.2″ LCD

TouchFolder 2 adopts 3.2 inches LCD. the bezel of LCD is designed to be minimized and narrow. Two Number research team made a trial and error many times to make LCD screen big but the size of phone small. 

「Black」, the most favorite model of feature phone users

「Silver」, Sleek Design

TouchFolder 2 was completed after 6-month design efforts and so many mockups. Two color options of Silver and Black are available.

Keypad Back Light

Low and Medium cost feature phones which Two Number launched previously had a problem with the brightness of keypad backlight. The reason for the problem was because high-cost light guide panel could not be used with the cost issue. However, TouchFolder 2 solved the problem with the brightness of the keypad backlight by adopting a functional light guide panel. 

White Screen Problem

The white screen problem is the chronical problem of conventional feature phones. The causes of the problem are a broken FPCB between the main board and LCD screen or a broken hinge. TouchFolder 2 solved this problem.

Perfect Support for Korean Keypad

Most of the feature phones in the market have a problem with Korean Keypad. However, TouchFolder 2 is the product which supports CheonJiIn Korean Keypad perfectly. The “CheonJiIn” Korean Keypad of TouchFolder 2 supports touch method or keypad to change keypad into Korean, English, mark, and number. 

2M pixel Camera

It is not a bad option that a feature phone supports 2M pixel camera. Another point to differentiate is to support the front camera and 4GB memory. However, users may need to use SD card if 4GB memory is not enough. TouchFolder 2 has an SD card slot for 16GB, 32GB or 64GB SD card.

FM Radio and MP3

Users can listen to the radio without earphone while the folder is closed. “TouchFolder 2” phone uses public radio channels different from smartphones which use mobile data channel. So, it does not need mobile data access. It can be regarded as an independent radio and MP3 device.