LTE Feature Phone

Today’s trend is a large screen of smartphones. So, LCD of feature phones are getting bigger. developers try to use large screen of feature phones as much as they can and try to install as many apps as possible regardless of user’s preferences. As a result, the feature phones need high-performance CPUs and a large size of memory. Many users now think ” they would prefer to use smartphones rather than to use this kind of feature phones.” However, TouchFolder LTE is designed based on different concepts. It is designed with the concept that the only essential functionalities should be included in the feature phone so that the users can feel it handy.

3.5” LCD Screen

TouchFolder LTE has a 3.5 inch LCD  screen with 480*800 resolution which is high-resolution for feature phones. However, the size of the phone does not have a difference from that of the phone with 2.8 inch LCD screen due to the design of the narrow bezel. Two Number research team made so many trials and errors to make LCD screen large but the size of the phone small. 

Sleek Design

Early adopters who have seen TouchFolder LTE are surprised three times. First, they are surprised at the way how it can be designed to have so much thin depth. Second, they are surprised that the size of the phone with 3.5 inch LCD screen looks smaller than the phone with 2.8 inch LCD screen. Third, they are surprised that the phone is working properly with so much narrow bezel. 

Feature Phone supporting VoLTE

TouchFolder LTE is developed to have high-quality phone calls by supporting VoLTE with SK Telecom, KT, LG U+.  VoLTE: Voice over Long Term Evolution, Voice call over  4G mobile network,  LTE network. LTE network which is used for data communication is used for a voice call as well. Conventional voice calls are using 3G network.

Keypad Backlight

Low and Medium cost feature phones which Two Number launched previously had a problem with the brightness of keypad backlight. The reason for the problem was because high-cost light guide panel could not be used with the cost issue. However, TouchFolder LTE solved the problem with the brightness of the keypad backlight by adopting a functional light guide panel.

White Screen Problem

The white screen problem is the chronical problem of conventional feature phones. The causes of the problem are a broken FPCB between the main board and LCD screen or a broken hinge. TouchFolder LTE solved this problem.

Perfect Support for Korean Keypad


Most of the feature phones in the market have a problem with Korean Keypad. However, TouchFolder LTE is the product which supports CheonJiIn Korean Keypad perfectly. The “CheonJiIn” Korean Keypad of TouchFolder LTE supports touch method or keypad to change keypad into Korean, English, mark, and number.