Incomparable voice quality of communication with 070 Internet phone. When we compare voice quality of existing Internet phone service with that of 3G mobile network, we can say voice quality of 3G mobile network is better. While the voice call over 3G network uses 300~2400Hz bandwidth, that of VoLTE uses 50~7000Hz bandwidth. As a result, VoLTE can deliver more voice channels and the voice quality of VoLTE is two times better than that of 3G. VoLTE Desk is a desktop phone using VoLTE network.

Video communication on the large display of 8 inches. video communications are perfectly supported on 8 inches large display. The video communication would not be cut off on the call because this service is provided by mobile operators. Also, the video communications through facebook, wechat, skype, and kakao talk Apps are perfectly supported. 

Able to be subscribed to unlimited tariff plan of mobile operators. Users can subscribe to the unlimited tariff plan for about 20US$ of mobile operators with VoLTE Desk while the unlimited tariff plan is not available for 070 Internet phone service.

Support IP PBX and Internet Phone technology. VoLTE Desk can be used for companies with IP-PBX. IVR ( Interactive voice response ), Recording, CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), and Presence, as well as all the functionalities of voice switching system, are supported.  Usable for companies.

Support for video calls to mobile phones. while video calls over Internet can be supported only between same kinds of devices and over the same network, VoLTE Desk can have video calls not only with VoLTE desks but also with all the mobile phones which support video calls.

Sending text from VoLTE Desk. VoLTE Desk is a complex device with functionalities of Internet phones and mobile terminals. VoLTE Desk can send texts to all the mobile devices with all the mobile operators regardless of domestic or overseas texting.

Android apps can be used with VoLTE Desk. All the Android apps which Android mobile devices use can be used with VoLTE Desk. Call history, Texting, Address Book, Kakao Talk, Wechat, Skype, and Calculator, etc. can be used with VoLTE Desk.


   Model Name

• VoLTE Desk


• Smart Phone


• 107.64 x 172.22mm


• 8″, 800 x 1,280 WXGA


• 5.0MP


• 2,500mAh